Preventing Toxic Exposures

  • Toxic Baby Crib Mattress  ( 1 Article )
    Common materials in crib mattresses can be harmful and even potentially life threatening to your baby. Just because these materials are used by the majority of manufacturers, doesn’t mean they are safe. And just because a mattress is organic does not mean it is non-toxic.
  • Protect Your Baby from Toxic Exposures  ( 10 Articles )
    There is much that you can do to reduce or eliminate many of the major toxic exposures to your baby. This comprehensive report will help you to sort out the biggest and worst exposures and what to do about them.
  • Toxic Sleep  ( 8 Articles )
    These articles provide information about non toxic sleep environments.
  • Toxic Food  ( 6 Articles )
    These articles contain information on how to protect your child from harmful food and water, pesticides in the environment and what can be done to create the healthiest environment possible for our children.
  • Drinking Water  ( 5 Articles )
    These articles provide information about drinking water and how crucial it is to a child’s development.
  • Other Toxic Issues  ( 7 Articles )
    These articles provide information about safe cleaners, flouride, dangerous chemicals in baby products and other important facts you should know in order to create the safest environment possible for your baby and family. | Malware Virus Monitor is On