Randall Neustaedter, OMD, Lac, CCH

Let’s turn this question around. What would induce me to vaccinate my children? The answer: only a completely new technology that proved to be both safe and effective. Knowing what I do about the toxicity and dangers of the current vaccines, I would not allow my child to receive them under any circumstances. What are the alternatives? Keep your child healthy, and stop being afraid of these diseases. Fear is an outmoded response to childhood infectious disease. Promote the strength of your child’s immune system instead, and avoid things that can weaken it. This will prevent complications of diseases.

Here’s a partial list:

  • Avoid partially hydrogenated fats (contained in packaged snack foods) since they promote inflammation and prevent healthy fatty acids from being incorporated into cells. Read labels of prepared foods and you will find these fats in crackers, chips, cookies, and desserts. Avoid french fries and other deep fried foods from McDonald’s and the other burger palaces. The oils in these foods are rancid.
  • Avoid foods with added sugar, i.e. sugared breakfast cereals, sodas, cookies, and ice cream. Corn syrup is especially difficult for the body to metabolize. Corn syrup is everywhere so read the labels. Use fruit spreads instead of jam, and offer lots of fresh and dried fruits or fruit rolls. Use whole grains and whole wheat bread rather than products made with “wheat flour,” which means white flour. Use organic foods whenever possible, and your child will not be eating pesticides that injure the liver.
  • If your child tends to get frequent colds or ear infections, give him or her a supplement of organic bovine colostrum (powdered in capsules and added to foods), one capsule twice each day.
  • Breastfeeding is the best protection you can provide for your child. Continue for at least twelve months or longer if possible. The longer you breastfeed, the more your child will benefit. Breast-feeding prevents infections and the complications of childhood illness.
  • Seek out a homeopathic practitioner or an acupuncturist familiar with treating children. He or she will provide treatments that build immune function and also help resolve acute illness quickly and easily.
  • Do not give antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.
  • Decongestants and antihistamines suppress the body’s immune system and add more harmful chemicals to your child’s body, causing recurrent infections.
  • Use homeopathic medicines, vitamin A (10,000-20,000 units per day in the form of beta-carotene or mixed carotenoids), vitamin C (500-1,000 mg. per day), and echinacea (10-20 drops three times per day) to treat colds, coughs, and ear infections. Several books exist to guide you (listed below).

References for treating childhood illness:

Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child: A Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Infants and Children by Janet Zand (Avery Publishing Group, 1994)

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman (JP Tarcher, 1997)

Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick and Simple Guide for the Whole Family by Robert Ullman and Judith Reichenberg-Ullman (Prima Publishing, 1997)

Dr. Neustaedter has practiced homeopathic medicine for over twenty years, specializing in child health care. An accomplished and well-recognized author, his works include an authoritative text, Homeopathic Pediatrics, and a popular book for parents, The Vaccine Guide: Making an Informed Choice (1996), a revision of his previous book, The Immunization Decision (1990). He has contributed extensively to the journals that comprise the homeopathic medical literature. A licensed acupuncturist with a doctorate in Oriental Medicine, Dr. Neustaedter practices at the Classical Medicine Center in Redwood City, California (650-299-9170).

Healthy Child Note:

This information is great, but Dr.Neustaedter wrote it before we knew the benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to preventing disease. See our interview with a vitamin D expert:

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