7 Essential Layers of a Healthy Lunch


7 Essential Layers of a Healthy Lunch

Keys to Creative Kids Meals

Why Seven Layers?

The Seven Layers represent the seven components (of both food and fun) for making healthy, creative kids meals. Designed by Laura Pasetta, the creator of the Visual Guide: How To Make A Healthy Lunch For Kids, and perfected over the years, the Seven-Layer Approach promises fun for the kids and balanced nutrition in every bite. Best of all, these ideas are quick, convenient and easy for on-the-go parents! Learn more about each layer below.

Food Presentation

When it comes to food, presentation is everything! Learn easy, kid-friendly tips and tricks for perfecting the art of food presentation – keeping hot food hot, cold food cold, avoiding soggy sandwiches and adding pizzazz with lunchbox themes.

Main Course Dishes

A delicious, nutritious main course is central to a healthy lunch. The Healthy Lunch DVD covers a variety of main course recipe ideas – including: wraps, soups, pasta, quesadillas and healthy sandwiches – and shows you how to replace the boring “same old stuff” with colorful, flavorful options your kids will love!

Incorporating Vegetables

Ah, vegetables. So essential for growing bodies but so difficult to incorporate! This layer focuses on making vegetables fun, packaging vegetables in a kid-friendly way – it even shows you how to “hide” nutrition in your kids’ favorite meals.

Adding Fruit

With so many sweet, colorful fruit options, why do parents (and kids) always seem to get stuck in a fruit rut? Learn how to add a rainbow of flavor and nutrition to your kids’ lunches by presenting various fruits in fun and interesting ways.

Healthy Snack Ideas

“Snacks” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “junk food.” This layer explores the wide world of healthy snack options – crunchy munchies your kids will adore (and you can feel good about).

Hydrating Beverages

Drink in exciting tips for adding color and a healthy hint of sweetness to your child’s beverages. Explore hot beverages, cool summertime drinks and storage options to best contain this important lunchtime component.

Lunchtime Fun

What’s food without a little fun? This layer includes some of the simplest ideas sure to make the biggest positive impact on your little ones. In no time at all, you’ll have the tools you need to spice up your kids’ lunches and create a memorable meal they’ll never forget.

Laura Pasetta, a health & nutrition expert and mother of two, is the founder and co-owner of The Visual Guide – a video production company offering the best in educational DVDs and free web downloads.



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