Feedback from Our Happy Customers

This is just some of the feedback we have received from our happy customers:

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I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic experience with your company. Not only did you agree to match the price I could get at a big box store, but you sent me emails to reassure me that the mattress covers would arrive when I needed them. They did, and I could not have asked for a better experience.

Lisa Craddock


In this age of the internet it is so nice to find a business that has a lovely, patient and kind person like you to interact with. You provide a refreshing touch of humanity that seems to have vanished. I have already told many friends about your website and just posted a wonderful review of it and your customer service on a yahoo group I am a member of called, Park Slope Parents. I hope it brings you many new customers.

Wishing you all the best,
Josephine F.


Thank you!!  You helped make the process as easy as possible.  I greatly appreciated your patience as we decided take a big step in healthy living for our family…  🙂  We look forward to sleeping much better on our new mattresses! Kelly O.


Good morning, We received our mattress and pad today – perfect!  And so quick.  We have an ecstatic 4 year old (“now we can all fit on my bed!”). Thank you so much for everything. Kind regards, Summaiya


Hi Valerie, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I received the mattress.  It is perfect!  Thank you for working with me to expedite the order.  We are in a holding pattern for a couple more days for our little one to arrive so the timing couldn’t be any better.  Again, thank you very much for the great service!  Leann


Our sweet 3 yo is thrilled to have a healthy big girl bed and it was the perfect transition from her organic crib mattress. We are always happy to find a company not only sells wonderful products to keep our family healthy, but also offers healthy tips and educational articles to keep us moving in the right direction.
Thank you!! Allie Kaul


Thank you, Valerie. You’ve been the most thoughtful, graciously giving person I’ve met in business for quite some time. I certainly appreciate your efforts! Linda Hodge Master Life Coach


Thank you so much for your help. Your customer service is wonderful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and can’t thank you enough.  – Julie D.


Hi Valerie, Thanks so much.   Service on your end is excellent and appreciated. Regards, Helen M.


Over the past few years I have given your email to many patients. Always a positive feedback. Thanks for all your hard work. Appreciated!
Sheri E. Lewis, M.S., N.D.


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for having such impressive service! I was so amazed to receive my purchase today after ordering it yesterday. I wish all on line shopping was as easy and as efficient as it was with your site.
Thank you,
Emma S.


Dear Healthy Child Staff,
I am writing to shout my praises to you.  I just discovered your web site, have read several articles – one on breastfeeding and a few others – and as a grandmother and practicing dentist, I send you kudos specifically on your information and your clear way of writing about it.  In this age of bombardment by processed food sellers, ads from big pharma, etc., young parents NEED people like you to provide information like you provide.  THANK YOU.  I will pass on your website to all of my patients who are parents and grandparents.  If you have business cards of some time, please send them to me to set on the front desk at my office.
Carol J. Quinn, DDS


Hi Valerie, My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I know that you called my home and left a message recently. My son and daughter-in-law and new grandson are very pleased with the new mattress, custom made to fit our family cradle. He is sleeping well on it, as well as a newborn preemie sleeps, anyway, and they use it every day. As far as the waterproof pad also made by Naturepedic, it is working for them also. After it was washed, and put on under a well fitted sheet, my daughter-in-law reports that it is quite satisfactory. I appreciate the attention you gave me when I thought it wouldn’t work because of the sizing, in sending me the RA number 25030. Obviously we do not need to return it. The mattress is a wonderful quality, and I would recommend your services to anyone. We also appreciate how quickly it was delivered. He is now 2 months old, and is strong and healthy. He came home just before 4 weeks of age (he was 2 months premature), so has slept on the mattress for a month now. Ironically his due date was just the other day, January 7. Here is a picture of him, sorry it’s so dark. Thank you again for your personal attention. Happy New Year, MaryLu L.


Thanks! Mattresses are great.  So nice there’s no smell!!  Sorin S.


I received the products today and wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your help. Your customer service is excellent! I will definitely recommend Healthy Child. The products are absolutely beautiful. All I have to do now is save up some more to buy more stuff from you! Thanks again. Kind regards, Denise


Thank you Valerie – my niece is having a baby in January so this is great timing. I’ll find out if she has a crib mattress yet. The cradle and crib mattresses were perfect. Our granddaughter is 2 1/2 but still sleeps on her crib mattress in a toddler bed. It was a perfect fit for both, as was the custom-fit cradle mattress. There are so many environmental factors we can’t control, so I’m glad at least her little bed is a healthy place to be!  Mary S.


Hi Valerie, Thank you for confirming that borate was not added to my futon —- I appreciate your prompt reply.  I am very pleased with the quality of the futon, my experience with Healthy Child, and your attentive assistance.  Sincerely, Robert


We just ordered our second 252 coil organic mattress because our second son is due in January.  We are thrilled with our first mattress and we know it has a part to play in the tremendous health of our first son who is 15 months.  Our pediatrician told us that the average baby/child is sick 6-8 times a year.  Our son Aidan has been sick only twice, with each time being a slight cold that did not require any medicine. So, first and foremost, we want to thank you for selling products that contribute to the health and happiness of children.  Secondly, we would like to request your book “Super Healthy Kids, Strengthening Your Child’s Resistance to Disease.”  We thank you for making it available to those who purchase mattresses and we look forward to reading it.  Have a great day!
Mark and Cindy Donnelly


I received the mattress on Friday and it fits perfectly.  Thanks so much for great customer service and a high quality product.
Vicki D.


I really appreciate your attention to this and all the information you have provided. Once again I couldn’t be more impressed with your company and the service you provide. – Barbara


Thank you for your excellent customer service. Since we started using your mattress our 6 month old son is sleeping longer and longer each night in his own crib (though still in our room….we can’t stand to be far from him ;) ). I recommended the mattress to a friend and she is ordering the same product. – Jennifer


Refreshing to read intelligent reviews of the flu vaccine. I take my hat off to you, and your entire advisory board.  Wonderful newsletter.  Keep up the absolutely fabulous work! Nancy Iankowitz MS, FNP-BC
ANCC Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner


What a wonderful product. It’s very well made and there were no smells right out of the bag. Thank you very much. – Sharon


I had had some company so couldn’t write immediately but wanted to let you know that I got the futon last Thursday. I am now sleeping on it and like it very much. It seems well put together, I like the weight of it, how it feels on my back and that nice futon aroma. Thank-you! Tamara


Hello, We received the mattress. Thank you so much. My daughter LOVES it. God bless. Shirley R.


Thank you, we just got our futon and we love it. It is so comfortable. I am very happy with our new futon. Thank you for making something we can sleep on that doesn’t hurt my back. Our baby should arrive any day now. Michelle P.


I ordered your book and I appreciated the advice found there. I also enjoy the newsletters and pass them on to friends and family. Thanks for all your efforts in making more holistic info for children available! Niki H.



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