Guide to Choosing Your Child’s Healthy Organic Mattress

There are several healthy organic mattresses that we can wholeheartedly recommend for children. Four have innerspring/coils as the base support and one has a base support of pure latex wrapped in quilted organic wool and cotton. All of these mattresses are a great investment in your child’s health and are designed to keep your child …Read More

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Low Levels of Chemicals Impact Your Child’s Developing Brain

There is no safe level of exposure – low levels of chemicals have a major impact on your child’s developing brain. Watch this video to learn more: Many parents assume that baby products are tested and would not be on the market if they were unsafe. But the fact is that most chemicals in products have never …Read More


The Eye-Opening Truth about Product Labels

They Don’t Mean Much You’re doing your best to be a conscientious consumer—reading labels, recycling, buying organic foods and products that are labeled “green” or “eco” for your home. Looking for these “earth friendly” labels feels like an easy way to do the right thing. But beware – not everything that says “green” really is, …Read More


Detox your Home for your Newborn – 5 Quick Fixes

Welcoming your new baby into the world is a joyous occasion but it’s important to make sure that you’ve done all you can to make your home safe and nurturing—for yourself and your new baby. Since she won’t be crawling for at least a few months, you’ve still got time to childproof… …but what about …Read More


Air Pollution and Autism Risk

  Air pollution and increased risk of autism have been linked through several studies. A new study from Harvard School of Public Health tried to find out exactly when this risk is increased. (Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk) What they found is that if a pregnant mom is exposed to fine particle …Read More


The Surprising and Dangerous Link Between BPA and Beauty Products

A recent study found that when people use a hand sanitizer and then handle BPA coated paper, the amount of BPA absorbed through the skin skyrockets. Even if you don’t know what BPA is, intuitively you’re probably thinking, that’s not good… …and you’re right! But let’s look at why. What is BPA? Infamous for its prevalence in both reusable and disposable water bottles, …Read More


Poison Furniture: Why the New Law Won’t Protect You from Toxic Exposure

For years scientists, consumers and concerned companies have been working hard to change the 1970s regulations that ushered in over four decades of heavy duty application of chemicals in furniture. The good news is, all that hard work has paid off……sort of. As of January 1st of this year, it’s no longer mandatory for couches and other furniture sold in …Read More


3 Chemicals that Make Cribs Dangerous

There’s no way around it, being a new mom is overwhelming. Not only have you just met the love of your life, but you’re also sleep deprived and probably panicked about how you’ll do at your number one job: keeping your little chick safe, happy and healthy. From chemicals under the sink, to rough edges …Read More


Is Your Child Ready for a Big Kid Bed?

Whether transitioning from a crib, co-sleeper, or the family bed, there comes a time when children are ready for their own “big kid bed”. Many begin transitioning to a big kid bed between the ages of two and three, but this can be a major transition for little ones and may result in new insecurities …Read More