Infant and Child Car Seats Come with Toxic Chemicals

There’s no way around it. When babies and young children are riding in a car, they must be secured in a car seat. Unfortunately, this safety protection comes with toxic chemical exposure. Though we all want our children to be in properly installed car seats for vital crash protection, we also want those seats to …Read More

Parenting Stress

Parenting in a Time of Uncertainty and Stress

How is the election impacting your family? We seem to be in a time of unrest and uncertainty, and the current mood of negativity can be disturbing, especially for children. Kids are like sponges, and they are adept at tapping into the collective fear around them. They can sense the unrest, even if it’s not …Read More

Peaceful Happy Mom

Want to Be a More Peaceful and Happy Mom?

Happy Mothers’ Day! This Mothers’ Day – make a commitment to yourself – to do whatever it takes to regularly feel more peaceful and happy.  Why? Being in a peaceful, happy state allows you to have deeper, more meaningful, satisfying and connected relationships with your children. It creates more ease and flow in your day to …Read More


The Art of Self Care for Mothers

A Self-Health Plan Of all the problems of modern life, few are more pervasive than stress. Stress and fatigue are signals that you are not giving enough to yourself. Stress can cause a wide variety of ailments and serious diseases, including headaches, gut issues, depression, pain and heart attacks. I used to teach stress management, so …Read More