Detox your Home for your Newborn – 5 Quick Fixes

Welcoming your new baby into the world is a joyous occasion but it’s important to make sure that you’ve done all you can to make your home safe and nurturing—for yourself and your new baby. Since she won’t be crawling for at least a few months, you’ve still got time to childproof… …but what about …Read More


Air Pollution and Autism Risk

  Air pollution and increased risk of autism have been linked through several studies. A new study from Harvard School of Public Health tried to find out exactly when this risk is increased. (Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk) What they found is that if a pregnant mom is exposed to fine particle …Read More


3 Chemicals that Make Cribs Dangerous

There’s no way around it, being a new mom is overwhelming. Not only have you just met the love of your life, but you’re also sleep deprived and probably panicked about how you’ll do at your number one job: keeping your little chick safe, happy and healthy. From chemicals under the sink, to rough edges …Read More


Are Toxic Gases in Crib Mattresses Causing Crib Death-SIDS?

Have you heard that toxic gases can cause SIDS or crib death? Toxic gases are generated from chemicals in crib mattresses. Basically, the theory is if a baby breathes or absorbs a lethal dose of the gases, the central nervous system shuts down, stopping breathing and then heart function. These gases can fatally poison a …Read More


Baby Crib Mattress: Make Sure It’s Non-Toxic

Of all the new baby items you think you need, a baby crib mattress can have the greatest effect on the health and wellness of your baby. This is one item that needs special attention. If you are on a budget and trying to save money, there are a lot of things you can do …Read More


Best Infant Car Seat: Consider Toxic Chemicals and Check for Toxicity

One important baby item you cannot live without is a car seat. You want to find the best infant car seat available since they do save lives. That’s why parents who are concerned about toxicity and want to reduce toxic chemical exposures are alarmed to find out that even those rated as the best infant …Read More

Herbs for Postpartum Baby

By Susan Perri, Clinical Herbalist Your little one is finally here, to enjoy and cherish. In the cozy space of the first intimate moments of growing into each other, both mother and baby can benefit from natural and non-invasive remedies for the common postpartum complaints. Colic Current research shows no link between colic and digestive …Read More

Are Vitamin K Shots Necessary?

Randall Neustaedter, OMD, LAc, CCH An injection of vitamin K (1.0 mg) is routinely administered to all newborns to prevent unexpected bleeding caused by low levels of vitamin K-dependent blood clotting factors. Vitamin K is present in green vegetables, vegetable oils, and dairy products, but intake or supplementation during pregnancy does not ensure prevention of …Read More

Care of the Newborn

By Susan Perri, Clinical Herbalist Eye Care Your birth attendant will most likely advise you that antibiotic eye ointment, usually erythromycin, is to be applied to the newborn’s eyes as a precaution against any bacteria which may have been transmitted from the birth canal to the baby’s eyes. Bacteria that cause syphilis and gonorrhea can …Read More