Natural Remedies for Your First Aid Kit

Summer brings plenty of opportunities for kids to be outdoors. More time in nature is healthy, but children can be vulnerable to certain hazards – sunburn, insect bites, poison oak or ivy, cuts, abrasions, and other injuries. The good news is you don’t need to expose your kids to toxic drugs or chemicals to keep …Read More

Purest Organic Baby Clothes for Babies Allergies or Sensitive Skin

Purest Organic Baby Clothes for Babies’ Allergies or Sensitive Skin by Jane Sheppard Skin allergies are becoming quite common in babies, and all babies have sensitive skin. Your baby’s skin is very delicate. Babies’ skin loses moisture faster than adult skin, making it more vulnerable to dryness. It is three times thinner, making it more …Read More

Teen Acne Natural, Holistic Treatment..

By Jane Sheppard Many of us, as teen-agers, have experienced the dread of acne. Blackheads, whiteheads and the red, swollen, pus-filled lesions we call pimples is a disease common in teens called acne vulgaris. Eight out of every ten teens experience it. Mild acne is considered a “normal” condition of puberty, continuing throughout the teen …Read More