Growing Up On Chemicals – Our Children’s Toxic Environment

By Jane Sheppard The scientific advancements of industry and agriculture have brought about the manufacture of over 75,000 synthetic chemicals, with a marked increase in the use of highly toxic pesticides in recent years. No matter where we live, our children are repeatedly exposed to these toxins. Most parents are not aware of the serious …Read More


The Best Home Water Filter System

Most people are worried about the quality of their tap water, with good reason, and want to find the best home water filter system. Tap water is contaminated with chlorine and many other toxins. Because of this, the bottled water industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. But bottled water is really no better …Read More

Lead in Drinking Water

  Lead in drinking water is the #1 environmental health threat to children in the U.S. — U.S. EPA Next to chlorine‚ lead is the most common contaminant found in tap water. Lead in drinking water usually originates between the water main in the street and the household faucet‚ so treatment from a central point …Read More

Bottled Water, is it better?

Pure water is vital to our children’s health and development and must be a priority. To that end, Healthy Child has researched many different water filters to find the most effective water filter and offer it to parents at the lowest price possible. The Aquasana AQ-4000 Counter Top Filter was voted “Best Buy” by Consumers …Read More

Clean Water Is Crucial To A Child‘s Development

Clean Water Is Crucial To A Child‘s Development Other than just being smaller‚ children‘s bodies are really quite different than that of an adult. Because many of the crucial defense systems that help protect adults from disease are not fully developed in children‚ they are much more sensitive to carcinogens‚ lead and water-borne parasites than …Read More

Thyroid Trouble

Thyroid Trouble: UNDER PROPOSED ROCKET FUEL STANDARDS, MANY WOMEN WOULD NEED TREATMENT TO PROTECT BABY Report Finds Drinking Water Limits for Perchlorate InadequateOctober 30, 2006 OAKLAND, CA – Exposure to a rocket fuel chemical widespread in the U.S. drinking water and food supply, at levels equal to or lower than national and state standards, could …Read More

More than 140 contaminants with no enforceable safety limits found in the nation's drinking water

More than 140 Contaminants with No Enforceable Safety Limits Found in the Nation’s Drinking Water Utilities Need More Money to Monitor for Contaminants and Protect Source Waters The first ever nationwide compilation of tap water testing results from drinking water utilities shows widespread contamination of drinking water with scores of contaminants for which there are …Read More