EOS™ Organic Mattress Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Delivery

How is the EOS mattress shipped?

The EOS mattress is typically shipped in multiple boxes via UPS or FedEx Ground. You will be emailed a tracking number once your order has been processed. The mattress encasement, as well as each layer, will typically come in its own respective box. If you order a foundation, your order will be shipped via common freight carrier.

How Easy is it to assemble the layers?

Very easy! Assembly typically takes less than 15 minutes with two people.


90 Day Layer Swap Program

How does the layer swap program work?

Swap any top 3″ comfort layer for FREE within 90 days of your purchase and only pay for shipping. Just contact us and order your new layers. Then, schedule a pickup for your original layers using a prepaid return label, and you’re all set. You’ll be issued a refund minus shipping once your original layers are received (so long as they’re received back in good condition within 90 days of your original invoice date). You’ll need to provide a copy of your purchase receipt showing the date of purchase.

Support layers are not included in the free swap program, but you can order a new support layer any time.

What are the layer swap shipping costs?

Contiguous U.S. only


Twin, TwinXL, Full, Split Queen & Split King/CalKing – currently $40/piece each way, but cost is subject to change

If I am past the 90 day free layer swap window, what are my options?

If more than 90 days have passed since your original purchase date, you can still order new layers, but we cannot accept any layers back.

What do you do with returned layers?

Returned layers are either used for floor sample displays or donated to various charities.

Comfort and Support

What are split layers?

Split layers allow you to have a different comfort/support option for each side of the bed. This is great for couples who want to customize the feel of their mattress independent of their sleep partner.

How do I know what kind of support I need?

Most people tend to do well with a cushion-firm feel (not too firm, not too soft). If you know that you like a firmer or plusher feel, go for it! You can always layer-swap if it’s really not right for you. The ultimate goal is proper spinal alignment. Since all of our bodies are different, there is no one firmness that works for everyone. For example, if your mattress is too soft, then your hips may sink in too much. If your mattress is too firm, your hips will be raised. Heavier people generally require more support, while lighter people tend to do better with a plusher feel. These are just general guidelines of course. One of the great things about the EOS is that it allows you to adjust the amount of support in your mattress weeks, months and even years later. You can even split the layers of the EOS mattress to customize each side of the bed separately!

Are microcoils as comfortable as latex for the comfort layer?

Microcoils have become quite popular due to their amazing breathable qualities. The coils are tiny enough that you don’t feel them – pushing back and supporting you in a delightful way. They also do a great job at relieving pressure points and contouring to your body. Latex has been around for longer and has a reputation that epitomizes those qualities. In our opinion, latex provides a slightly smoother feel for the surface of a mattress, but many of our customers actually prefer the feel of microcoils. Unless you have latex allergy concerns or know that you sleep hot, we recommend latex for the comfort layer.

General Questions

Why does Naturepedic recommend encased coils for the support layer as opposed to all-latex designs?
Let’s begin by first distinguishing between traditional innersprings and encased coils. With traditional innersprings, the coils are connected with metal helicals. These innersprings are not nearly as comfortable as encased coils, where the coils float freely in their own fabric pockets. This method allows the unit to conform and contour to your body in a far more comfortable manner. The majority of negativity towards innerspring mattresses stems from the former and not the latter style springs. Naturepedic uses only the highly comfortable and superior style encased coils in the EOS mattress.

Latex is well known for its contouring properties with the main benefit being its unique feel. Latex works best in the top comfort layers of a mattress where it does an excellent job of relieving pressure points. Encased coils, however, are ideal for the support layer of a mattress, and can even act as an alternative for the comfort layers where latex allergies are of concern. Historically, organic mattresses have been made only with all-latex designs. Naturepedic changed all that with the introduction of the first certified organic mattresses to use encased coils. With the EOS, you can choose our recommended hybrid designs, all-latex configurations, or even our configurations made entirely without latex.

What’s so special about the coils used in the EOS?
As mentioned above, the encased coils make the mattress exceptionally comfortable. The encased coils featured in the EOS Classic are wrapped in PLA fabric made entirely from plants (our PLA is made with non-GMO potatoes). The mattress is assembled with a unique method that avoids the use of adhesives and glues. These features are exclusive to Naturepedic!

How is latex made, and what’s the difference between dunlop and talalay?
Natural Latex is made by “baking” the milky liquid from a rubber tree into a foam. It can also be made synthetically from a chemical called Styrene Butadiene or as a natural/synthetic blend (Naturepedic steers clear of all this). The dunlop process produces a denser form of latex that is extremely elastic. These properties make it especially supportive and long lasting. Talalay on the other hand, is made using a special “flash freeze” process that requires less raw material, resulting in a lighter weight, lighter feeling product. The difference is more a matter of preference in feel rather than a difference of “better or worse.” Current dunlop processes tend to produce higher quality longer lasting latex in our opinion. Naturepedic uses GOLS certified organic dunlop latex.

What’s the difference between natural latex and certified organic latex?
Many companies that sell “organic mattresses” don’t actually use organic latex! At Naturepedic, we ONLY use latex certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). This means that all latex sap comes from certified organic rubber plantations. This also helps ensure fair labor practices and a reliable trustworthy supply chain. No synthetic latex here!

Natural latex, on the other hand, can come from unscrupulous sources, where child labor and/or sweat labor are used. “Natural” latex often has undisclosed synthetics mixed in and additional chemicals. The bottom line is that certified organic latex has less chemicals and comes from a trustworthy source.

How does motion transfer in the EOS compare to other mattresses?
The EOS performs extremely well when it comes to reducing motion transfer and partner disturbance. Although you may love him/her like crazy, sleep research shows that your sleep partner is likely your #1 cause of sleep disturbance! Since the EOS only uses encased coils and latex, motion transfer is quite low.

Does the EOS have a chemical smell like most foam mattresses?
No. One of the most common complaints we hear about mattresses made with petrochemical foam and fire barriers is the strong chemical smell they give off. Not only does the EOS completely avoid petrochemical foams, but it’s specifically tested for chemical emissions and certified to the strictest GREENGUARD® certification standards. No need to cringe when you climb into bed wondering what you’re breathing!

Does the EOS sleep hot and sweaty like most foam mattresses?
Not at all! Latex generally sleeps cooler than foam, and with encased coils as part of your configuration, heat will dissipate even faster. For the “coolest” and most breathable sleep experience, choose microcoils for the comfort layer.

How is the EOS mattress so affordable? Aren’t organic mattresses expensive?
Naturepedic sells more organic mattresses than any other company. From our popular baby crib mattresses to our luxury adult mattresses, we order our raw materials in substantial quantities with a super efficient supply chain. This allows us to pass the savings on to you. The EOS mattress in particular was designed to offer great value at an exceptional price.

What does “certified organic” really mean when it comes to mattresses?
In short, it means that all components are either certified organic, or have been approved by our organic certifier to be used in an organic mattress product. We are inspected regularly to ensure compliance. With uncertified products, you never really know what you’re getting.

Do I need a new foundation or can I use my existing box spring?
We recommend a new organic foundation to go with your mattress. However, you can also place the EOS mattress on an existing foundation or platform bed so long as the slats are no more than 2″ apart (a flat surface is ideal). Please be aware that if you use an existing foundation, your mattress set may not pass 1633 federal flammability requirements. Proof of an adequate foundation may be required when making a warranty claim.

What are the care instructions for the EOS mattress?
If the mattress is soiled, spot clean with a solution of cold water and mild natural soap. Allow to thoroughly air dry (out in the sun is best as this will also help disinfect and freshen). Do not wring or twist the moisture out. Also, do not machine wash any component of the mattress as this will likely lead to extreme shrinkage.

Will the EOS mattress dip or sag?
While it’s normal for materials to settle over time, the materials used in the EOS are extremely resilient and there should be little to no dipping or sagging in the components of the mattress. If you notice dipping or sagging, please identify the problem layer (by removing the layer and placing on a flat surface) and we will repair or replace it under the product warranty.

What are the main points of the warranty?
The EOS Classic comes with a 20 year limited warranty (10 year full and 10 year prorated, with proration in year 11 starting at 50% of its original value). If any layer in the mattress should wear out prematurely during that time, Naturepedic will repair or replace that layer for you accordingly.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee, less all shipping charges. Returns must be received in a clean, undamaged condition. Before returning, however, we encourage you to take advantage of our free 90 day comfort layer swap program. We are confident that you’ll find just the right configuration for you!

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