How to Boost the Immune System for a Vibrant Healthy Child

Boost the immune systemIt’s hard to believe my daughter went back to school last week, beginning her junior year of high school. Where did the summer go? Soon we’ll be hearing about all the colds and flu “going around” and flu shots will be heavily marketed.

It’s time to boost the immune system.

Have you wondered why there’s so much illness during the fall and winter months? It’s a myth that kids get sick because the weather is colder. It is likely, however, that kids are more exposed to germs when they are in school. Kids are indoors more in the winter months, and crowded classrooms with poor ventilation can result in more germs being passed around.

But exposure does not mean your child will get sick. A child with a strong immune system has a good chance of staying healthy in spite of greater exposure to colds and flu. You can begin now to learn how to boost the immune system.

The main thing that coincides with back to school in the fall is that vitamin D levels drop sharply due to being indoors and out of the sun. Vitamin D has been shown in many studies to boost the immune system and prevent colds and flu. Vitamin D helps produce natural antibiotics called antimicrobial peptides. When vitamin D levels go down, so does production of these natural antibiotics as well as your child’s immunity to colds and flu.

To boost the immune system now while it is still summer, take advantage of the summer sun. The sun is the best way to get adequate vitamin D. For optimal immunity and overall health, vitamin D levels should be between 50-80 ng/mL for both children and adults.

I interviewed John Cannell, MD, an expert on vitamin D, about vitamin D deficiency and how to make sure pregnant women, babies and children get adequate amounts of vitamin D to prevent disease. He describes when and how long to be in the sun safely, what nutritional co-factors are necessary to properly absorb and metabolize vitamin D, and how to supplement when you can’t get enough sunshine.

Vitamin D Deficiency Interview

Now is the time to focus on how to boost the immune system to keep your child healthy during the fall and winter months. I’m busy writing my e-book on strengthening a child’s immunity and working with our team of holistic pediatricians and health professional advisors to create a comprehensive program that will teach you how to keep your children healthy as well as treat them when they are sick. Subscribe to Healthy Child newsletter to be notified when this program is available.

The most significant and effective thing you can do right now to stimulate your children’s natural immunity is to get them out in the sun safely.

More info about vitamin D levels:

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