Jane Sheppard

Jane Sheppard

Jane Sheppard has done extensive research on environmental toxins and their effects on babies and children. She created Healthy Child in 1997 to provide reliable information so parents can make informed choices about safe, non-toxic children’s products. Healthy Child helps parents create safe environments so children can thrive.

Jane is a parenting coach and co-creator of the Healthy Child Parent Coaching program.

Jane is the editor of Healthy Child Newsletter, the author of hundreds of articles and the following e-books:

Jane has over 22 years of extensive research and experience in raising a healthy child using natural and holistic methods. She was the administrative director of Holistic Pediatric Training (HPT) and the former, founding executive director of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance (HPA). She is a child health advocate and parent educator with a passion to help empower parents to make informed choices to protect the health and well-being of their children.

Jane co-founded a holistic healing center in Scottsdale, AZ in 1992. She is a former board member of the Santa Rosa Education Cooperative (SREC), a vibrant, holistic, multi-age school community with an international inquiry-based learning environment. She was the board representative for the SREC Preschool and Early Childhood Center.