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To provide a thorough Naturepedic review, there’s nothing better than going directly to the source!


Our Tour of the Naturepedic Organic Mattress Factory

Gaye Abbott and I recently had the wonderful pleasure of touring the Naturepedic organic mattress factory in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We were enormously impressed!

The first thing that struck us was the lack of any chemical smell whatsoever. This factory was very clean with an earthy, fresh smell.

The entire Naturepedic factory is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile organic and non-toxic standard that includes ecological and social criteria. GOTS independently certifies the entire textile supply chain.


What does it mean to be GOTS certified?

First, the raw material is organic. Naturepedic’s cotton and wool is USDA certified organic and their latex is GOLS certified organic. In addition, Naturepedic has transaction certificates from every factory that processes the raw material (milling, weaving) that shows these factories have been inspected by GOTS. They have an amazing tracking system that can even track the material back to the level of who the original farmer was. GOTS also has strict non-toxic criteria for accessories and all that goes into the final product. The Naturepedic factory is regularly inspected by GOTS to ensure they meet all criteria and non-toxic standards.


Quality of Attention

During our visit a great deal of activity was happening all around – people cutting organic cotton, hand-stitching at sergers, and heat-sealing seams and coil encasings – amidst a strong feeling of community and cooperation. These were craftspeople who paid great attention to their work.

Naturepedic Reviews - Healthy Child - Organic Cotton
Naturepedic Organic Cotton

Another thing that struck us was the attention to the well-being of their workers. It was obvious that Naturepedic values employee health and safety as well as transparency and sustainability.

Unlike other factories of mass production, we learned that any time a worker sees anything that might be a little off, they are supported in stopping production to attend to the issue, no matter how small it may be. True quality of attention!


Simple Innovation

There was no huge, loud machinery. Naturepedic has come up with brilliant, simple and innovative ways to make mattresses without glues, adhesives, flame retardants or anything that doesn’t meet the GOTS organic and non-toxic standards. They have uncovered new ways of doing things that are sustainable, increase efficiency…and improve products!

Gaye and I also had the opportunity to spend the day with Barry Cik, founder and technical director of Naturepedic. Barry is a board-certified environmental engineer and we were truly inspired by his knowledge, transparency and devotion to the environment and to organic standards. It was obvious he and his team truly care about making mattresses and bedding that are safe and healthy for everyone.

Naturepedic Founder, Barry Cik
Naturepedic Founder, Barry Cik

I consider Naturepedic to be a powerful example of what a conscious business can be – a well-run, mindful operation with a focus on products that enhance the health and well-being of families and our planet.

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