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Here are the most important things you need to know to keep your whole family healthy and safe.

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Toxic Chemicals in Baby Mattresses

Learn about toxic materials in nearly all crib, bassinet, cradle, and porta-crib mattresses and how to know if an organic mattress is truly non-toxic and safe.

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Toxic Mattresses and SIDS

An explanation for the tragedy of crib death (SIDS) has been found, along with a simple means of eliminating it. Learn what we know, why we need more research, and why babies continue to be at risk from deaths that may easily be prevented.

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Kids Beds are a Source of Chemical Exposure

Kids are most vulnerable to toxic mattresses. Find out why, and how to determine what mattress materials are safe and healthy.

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Healthy Adult Organic Mattresses

Avoid spending a lot of money on a mattress that is called “organic” but contains toxic materials.

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How to Block Chemicals from a Toxic Mattress?

Perhaps you are not yet ready to buy a new organic mattress. How do you block the off-gassing from a typical toxic mattress? There are possible options that may partially solve the problem.

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Air Purification

Learn how most homes have toxic air, how babies and children are vulnerable to indoor air pollution, and what you can do about it.

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