How to Prevent and Treat the Flu and other Viruses

mother and child prevent and treat flu


Are you worried about getting the flu? The press is spreading fear around like they do every year.

Did you know that out of the hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples taken from patients in the US every year, only a small percentage show the presence of a flu virus? Most people diagnosed with flu have no flu virus.

This is because there are many other viruses that mimic influenza with the same symptoms. The flu vaccine has been proven to be ineffective in preventing the flu and also the flu-like viruses.

How do you prevent the flu and other viruses?

Learn how to boost your child’s immune system. There is a lot you can do, inexpensively at home, to create vibrant health and vitality and prevent disease. The time is now to boost immunity.

How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

What can you do if you or your kids get a flu or a flu-like virus?

Dr. Randy has done a lot of research in treating the flu with safe, natural medicine, and has been treating patients successfully for decades. He writes his recommendations here:

Treat the Flu and other Viruses with Safe Natural Medicine

Keep in mind that you can’t effectively treat the flu without a strong immune system. So boosting immunity is an essential first step. Wishing you and your family excellent health and vitality!


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