Prevention Holistic Treatment of Viral Illness

Learn to create a strong immune system using nutrition and safe supplements. Manage colds and flu using herbal formulas, homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements.

This presentation provides ways that you can prevent acute illnesses through the winter months using nutritional supplements that will:

• Maintain a robust immune system

• Keep you and your kids healthy

• Ward off viruses


Dr. Neustaedter also talks about effective, holistic treatments for managing:

• Colds and flus (also discusses flu shots)

• Sore throats and fevers

• Using herbal formulas, homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements.


The presentations on preventing and treating viral illnesses have been moved to the CureChild member’s area.

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* Dr. Neustaedter has practiced holistic pediatrics for 30 years. He is the author of several books including FLU: Alternative Treatment and Prevention, Child Health Guide, and The Holistic Baby Guide.



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