Cotton Futon Bed Mattresses

Kids Organic Futon MattressThese cotton futon bed mattresses are made from layers of 100% organic cotton and wool encased in 100% organic cotton twill and then hand-tufted for long lasting comfort. Our shikibutons, like all of Soaring Heart’s mattresses, are made of only the highest quality materials using time-honored construction techniques. Your shikibuton should last you eight to ten years with proper maintenance, although many Soaring Heart customers are still comfortably using Soaring Heart shikibutons bought fifteen years ago.

If you want to keep the versatility of the shikibuton, but want a softer sleep experience, try layering two or more shikibutons on top of each other or add a topper for a customized and customizable bed set-up.

Organic shikibutons work best when used with a Tatami Frame and Tatami Mat set-up, which best emulates the traditional tatami mat flooring used in Japan. Preferable to the floor or bed slats (slats can be felt through a single or even two shikibutons), tatami mats allow the shikibuton to rest on a flat, solid surface while still being able to properly breathe. Good ventilation will make your shikibuton last longer.

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