Green Cotton Futon Mattress


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Unprocessed “green” cotton – no bleaches or dyes!


All Cotton Classic Futon Mattress

  • 100 % Cotton Layers
  • No Fire Retardant Chemicals
  • No Wool
  • 100% Cotton Twill Fabric Case
  • Grown and Handcrafted in the USA
  • White Lotus Home has been handcrafting this style of Natural Mattress since 1981.

This mattress is medium-firm and supportive. We recommend this mattress to be used with: platform beds, box-springs, or on a bi-fold or tri-fold futon frame.

No Chemical Flame Retardants

This futon mattress does not have any fire retardant and requires a doctor’s prescription before the order can be processed. more info… If you order this futon mattress wrapped in wool, you will not need a prescription.

White Lotus Home does not add perfumes, formaldehyde, or dyes to the natural fibers or materials. Some materials have a natural scent. This is not a product defect. Product samples are available if you’d like to test the materials prior to ordering. Please contact us if you’d like to sample the material.

Why Cotton?

Cotton, all by itself, provides the firmest sleeping surface. A cotton futon mattress provides for good air circulation while maintaining more even humidity and balanced temperatures. It has the ideal density for firm yet comfortable bedding.

This mattress is layered with unbleached and undyed “green” cotton – one layer at a time – by hand. Natural “green” cotton means that it is not organic, but once the cotton is harvested from the bolls, it is unprocessed – no bleaches, dyes or fungicides. White Lotus hand-quilts the mattresses with a thin, sharp needle to ensure that the batting won’t break, shift or lump.

If you prefer organic cotton please see White Lotus’ organic cotton futon mattresses.

What’s the Difference between a White Lotus Futon and a White Lotus Mattress?

All White Lotus mattresses can be made in “Futon” and “Mattress” styles. The differences between the two are simple:

A Mattress is made standard at 6″ thick, while a Futon is 5″ thick.

A Mattress comes with side handles to help maneuver its size. The Futon is made without handles.

A Mattress has side panels that give it a boxier shape, while a Futon has rounded sides.

These differences allows them to make Futons out of the same high-quality material as Mattresses, but for a lower price.

Most White Lotus Home mattresses can be made with 7, 8 or 9 inch thickness. Please contact us if you’d like a mattress thicker than the standard 6 inches.

Size Options

White Lotus can also make any custom size mattress you would like. Please contact us with dimensions and specifics.

Please click Size drop down menu above for specific pricing.

5 Inch Depth Futon

Twin Size (39x75x5)

Extra-Long Twin (39x80x5)

Double Size (54x75x5)

Queen Size (60x80x5)

King Size (76x80x5)

6 Inch Depth Mattress

Twin Size (39x75x6)

Extra-Long Twin (39x80x6)

Double Size (54x75x6)

Queen Size (60x80x6)

King Size (76x80x6)

California King (84x72x6)

More to know….

Mattresses are shipped via UPS or Fed Ex Ground from New Jersey. We will email the tracking details to you once your order ships.

The air is removed from the mattress before shipping in order to make shipping more affordable and convenient. Please lay your mattress out flat for 3-5 days to allow it to regain it’s shape and buoyancy before using.

Some machine-made mattresses actually blow cotton into a case instead of layering it so what you’re buying is a big sack of air with some cotton. After a few weeks the air will seep out and you’ll be left with something that is not very comfortable. Also, machine-made mattresses are often quilted with thick punctures through the cotton which tend to break up the bats.

These mattresses are made to last at least 10 to 15 years. They are not your traditional futons. All the White Lotus chemical-free mattresses are handcrafted separately, in a room that is properly cleansed twice a month to make sure that no other fibers contact your natural products. There are no chemical fire retardants, no borate powder, and no chemical treatments. There is nothing at all in this mattress except organic cotton and wool.

Care & Cleaning

Flipping your mattress regularly is highly recommended for even wear. A slatted surface allows for proper air circulation. Airing your mattress outside once in a while will keep it fresher and is helpful for longevity.

We strongly recommend an organic mattress pad to protect from moisture and accidents. White Lotus Warranty does not cover damage from accidents, spills, soils or cleaning. Find a mattress pad in Organic Kids/Adult Bedding to make sure you keep your mattress in good condition.

If cleaning is necessary…

White Lotus suggests spot cleaning with 3 parts water and one part vinegar. You can also substitute the vinegar with natural/mild laundry detergent. Air dry completely – in the sun or with a hair dryer. Mold can grow in the mattress if you do not keep it dry. White Lotus does not warranty for issues that arise from cleaning.

Warranty and Return Policy

Shop with the comfort of knowing that all of White Lotus’ natural bedding products are handmade in the USA by skilled artisans, specifically for you!

These mattresses are handcrafted to order and are not returnable for any reason except for manufacturing defects. Please see White Lotus’ Warranty.

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