Naturepedic Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage Crib Mattress

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Safe, Non-toxic and Economical!

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Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress

The Firmest, Most Supportive and Truly Non-Toxic Crib Mattress Available!

This organic crib mattress has it all, making it the firmest, most supportive non-toxic crib mattress!

The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage Crib Mattress has 2 Stage Support – The Innovative AirCore™ support to make it more firm on one side for infants, and slightly softer on the other side for toddlers

It has the premium organic cotton Ultra covering that provides a nicer feel and it’s still waterproof, dust mite proof and easy to clean.

It has the heat sealed seamless design that makes it sleeker, more contemporary, and more hygienic than standard edge seams.

Special Offer:  
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Naturepedic Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage Crib Mattress:

  • naturepedic-side-by-side-logos100% Organic Cotton Filling – Grown in USA
  • GOTS Certified
  • GREENGUARD Select Certified (strictest standards)
  • No harmful fire retardants or chemicals – tested and confirmed!
  • Made in USA.
  • Stain resistant, waterproof and dust mite/bed bug proof surface
  • Heavy duty, extra firm innerspring and flat surface – in accordance with all CPSC standards
  • Size 27.5″ x 52″ x 6″ – Snugly Fits all U.S. standard cribs – also fits toddler beds
  • Heirloom Quality – Premium components & exquisite finish
  • Lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee
  • Extraordinary Customer Service and Risk-free Return Policy

Read What Doctors and Scientists Say

Read What Parents Say

Premium Ultra Covering

The Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage baby crib & toddler mattress features a premium organic cotton fabric cover with a thin, clear non-toxic polyethylene coating to make it waterproof, dust mite proof and stain-resistant with a nicer look and feel than standard crib covers.

What is Air-Core?

Air-Core™ is a non-toxic environmentally friendly support layer made from 100% food-grade polyethylene. Air-Core is a network of closed cell air pockets that provide a firm and comfortable base without the toxic properties of polyurethane foam and the allergenic concerns of latex rubber.

252 Heavy Duty Orthopedic Support Innersprings

The 252 coil innerspring is a bit firmer and smoother, with better weight distribution than the 150. However, the real advantage lies in the center reinforcement. In addition to more coils, the 252 innerspring features 9 guage cross beams that help prevent sagging in the middle of the mattress. This is a concern with cribs that don’t support the center of the mattress well, i.e., a wire mesh crib bottom.

Seamless Design

Seamless design has heat sealed seams on the sides of the crib mattress preventing any moisture or dust mite penetration. The sleeker, more hygienic design allows no seepage of fluids or entry points for dust mites.

Waterproof, Easy-To-Clean Surface will Save You a Lot of Aggravation

In a non-waterproof mattress, baby fluids such as urine, spit-up, and dribble can cause bacteria, mold and fungal growth, creating an unsafe sleeping environment for your baby. Vinyl/PVC, the covering of most inexpensive waterproof crib mattresses, is the most toxic plastic available and contain chemicals that can leach out or off-gas into the surrounding air.

This is the ultimate non-toxic water-proof and stain-resistant mattress surface! With this waterproof, dust mite proof mattress, there is no need to purchase additional items such as waterproof pads, wool moisture pads, or dust mite covers.

  • Protects from harmful fungi, mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Specially formulated waterproof surface – plant-based polyethylene made from non-GMO sugar cane
  • So pure that it meets food contact standards
  • No vinyl/PVC
  • Stain resistant
  • Super strong, tear resistant
  • Very easy to clean
  • Impenetrable barrier to dust mites/bed bugs and allergens – no need for additional cover
  • No Phthalates or Chemical Plasticizers – Independently Tested and Confirmed
  • NO Antimony, Arsenic or Phosphorus

Certified Organic, Safe and Non-Toxic – GOTS and GREENGUARD


Not only are the individual materials certified, but the finished mattress is certified as well. This ensures that all components meet a healthy non-toxic standard. Certified by OTCO to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Also GREENGUARD SELECT Tested and Certified – the strictest standard. No harmful chemicals. No off-gassing.


No Wool and No Latex

A precautionary approach regarding allergies is reasonable for babies. It may be best to avoid baby mattress materials with allergenic properties like wool and latex until your child gets older and you know he or she won’t react.

No Fire Retardants or Barriers!

Made with Cotton – No Polyurethane Foam

Cotton does not burst into flames or release deadly fumes when ignited (as compared with polyurethane foam). This mattress passes all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or FR barriers. It’s an innovative design using safe, non-toxic materials (organic cotton fabric, organic cotton fiber and PLA fiber made from non-GMO potatoes) and the elimination of polyurethane foam.

  • No PBDEs or any brominated or chlorinated fire retardants
  • No antimony, arsenic or phosphorus
  • No PAN (polyacrylonitrile), modacrylic, no dimethyl sulfate, and no boric acid, and no crystalline silica.
  • Confirmed by strict independent testing to not off-gas harmful substances.

Read more about how Naturepedic mattresses pass fire safety laws.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Naturepedic mattresses are designed and constructed under the direction of a Board Certified Environmental Engineer (American Academy of Environmental Engineers), Qualified Environmental Professional (Institute of Professional Environmental Practice), and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (Institute of Hazardous Materials Management).

Features U.S. grown and certified organic cotton filling. The food-grade polyethylene waterproof cover has a simple molecular structure that makes it unnecessary to use toxic chemicals in its production or add chemical plasticizers such as phthalates to make it soft. Typical waterproof covers and pads use vinyl/PVC, which releases dioxin into the environment during production and requires the use of phthalates that are harmful to both children and the environment. The polyurethane foam filling used in most mattresses is produced with numerous toxic chemicals. Switching from PVC/vinyl and polyurethane foam to organic cotton and polyethylene helps promote a healthier and safer environment.

Crib Mattress Protectors, Sheets and Bedding

A 100% organic cotton protector and 100% organic cotton fitted sheet are recommended. The Naturepedic No- Compromise Organic Cotton Classic baby crib & toddler mattress is already waterproof; therefore no waterproof mattress protector is necessary. No dust mite cover is necessary – this mattress is already dust mite proof.

View our Organic Baby Bedding – Mattress Pads, Comforters, Sheets

Risk-Free Return Policy on all Naturepedic Crib Mattresses

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Naturepedic organic crib mattress, you may return it in new condition within 30 days from the date of delivery for a full refund. Free return shipping – we will supply you with a prepaid return mailing label. No return fees. See Details

Toxins in Nursery

Did you know that indoor air is often times 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Please take a look at our Air Purifiers for more information.

Weight 30 lbs

2 reviews for Naturepedic Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage Crib Mattress

  1. 5 out of 5


    My husband and I did extensive research on mattresses and this one was by far the best. We have a 7 month old daughter, and it’s been a relief knowing she sleeps on something so safe and soft(yet firm). Very happy with this product.

  2. 5 out of 5


    My husband and I purchased a Sealy Posterpedic mattress from Costco for ourselves. We were not very educated on the toxicity levels in mattresses. When it arrived, the off-gassing was so severe that I developed an intense headache anytime I entered the house. This went on for days! Since I had this horrible reaction, we had to put the mattress into the garage and we called the company to have them come back and pick up the mattress because it was clearly very toxic, was making me sick, and the smell did not subside. We started researching mattresses and toxicity levels and learned a lot! I was mortified at what I discovered about the mattress manufacturing industry.

    A few months later I became pregnant and we decided that there was NO way that we would have our baby sleep on a standard (highly toxic) mattress, especially with my growing understanding about SIDS and how it is linked with chemicals in new mattresses, new carpet, etc. We did a lot of research and found that the people at Healthy had done so much of the research for us already. I really appreciated the EXTENSIVE information that they provided regarding this subject matter. We trusted their expertise in this area. We chose to purchase the ‘No Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Seamless 2 Stage Crib Mattress’ and received it sooner than we expected.

    It was one of the best decision’s we have made in regards to the health and well-being of our precious daughter. I feel so much better knowing that I am not putting my child at risk with a toxic mattress—where she spends a lot of time/exposure.

    My dealings with were smooth and easy and I appreciated the time, courtesy and patience that customer service had while answering the several detailed questions I had prior to making the important decision to purchase. In addition, I found a wealth of other information about keeping my children safe and healthy on this website which I appreciated greatly.

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