Organic Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover

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Organic Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover

Lowest prices. GOTS Certified Organic. And FREE Shipping!

Our 100% Certified Organic Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover Protects from Allergens, Dust Mites and Bedbugs.

This GOTS certified Organic Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover is the most natural, non-toxic product available for dust mite allergy prevention. This soft certified organic cotton fabric is more comfortable than other allergy dust mite covers. There is no plastic membrane and absolutely NO chemical treatments added to these pure 100% organic cotton covers. No formaldehyde, no antimicrobials, no fire retardants, no bleach!

This uniquely designed, organic cotton dust mite mattress cover uses an allergy cloth shields to protect your mattress and pillows from pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs and other harmful allergens. It is tightly woven in a special overlap process. The organic cotton cloth is woven so tightly that allergens cannot penetrate it.

Pore size less than 5 microns for best dust mite and allergen protection and a breathable, comfortable fabric!

Lab Tested and Certified

With a mean flow pore size diameter of 4.91 microns, this fabric is one of the most effective barriers against pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs, and other harmful allergens.

Pore size is the diameter of the space or hole between the threads. The average waste particle of dust mites is approximately 9 microns so the pore size must be less than 9. Typically, any fabric with a pore size less than 6 or 7 will block all allergens including pet dander. Anything below 5 microns is premium and the difference between 5 microns and 2 microns is not relevant. Both will equally block all allergens, including cat allergen. A very low pore size (1 or 2 microns) gives you low air flow, which will make the fabric hot to sleep on.

Remember that thread count in an organic cotton dust mite mattress cover has nothing to do with pore size. 1000 count sheets for example have more threads per square inch but the pore size is not maintained. Thus, these sheet fabrics will do nothing to encase the allergens.

BugShield Zipper system!

These organic cotton dust mite mattress covers are made with the BugShield Zipper System designed to give you extra bed bug protection from an accidental opening once you have closed the zipper. This system provides added security if exposed to bed bugs.


  • 100% Organic cotton – the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing efficacy
  • GOTS Certified
  • No chemical treatments whatsoever!
  • Mean flow pore size diameter of 4.91 microns
  • No plastic or vinyl membrane
  • Ideal for those who have chemical sensitivities and skin irritations
  • Heat samphorized to prevent shrinking and maintain integrity of pore size through multiple washings!
  • 3.4 oz per square yard with 285 threads stitched per square inch
  • sewn with 12 stitches per inch for ultimate strength in the seams
  • Heavy gauge nylon zippers
  • Wonderfully breathable fabric.
  • Latex free
  • Ivory color

Free Shipping!

Healthy Child pays shipping within the Continental US. Cover ships from Georgia via UPS.  We email the tracking detail to you upon shipment.  Please contact us for orders shipping outside the Continental US.

Organic Mattress, Boxspring and Duvet Encasings

Sizes and Prices

NOTE: It’s important to order a cover thickness a little larger than your mattress so it will be easy to go on and off. It’s better to have a cover a little too large than one that is too small. You can tuck any extra material underneath the mattress and never notice it’s there. 12″ depth will fit 12″ thick mattress (same with other sizes). If in doubt, order larger cover.

Crib 28x52x7

Twin 9″ 39x75x9

Twin 12″ 39x75x12

Twin 15″ 39x75x15

XL Twin 9″ 39x80x9

XL Twin 12″ 39x80x12

XL Twin 15″ 39x80x15

Full 9″ 54x75x9

Full 12″ 54x75x12

Full 15″ 54x75x15

Queen 9″ 60x80x9

Queen 12″ 60x80x12

Queen 15″ 60x80x15

Queen 18″ 60x80x18

King 9″ 78x80x9

King 12″ 78x80x12

King 15″ 78x80x15

King 18″ 78x80x18

Cal King 9″ 72x84x9

Cal King 12″ 72x84x12

Cal King 15″ 72x84x15

Cal King 18″ 72x84x18

Twin Duvet/Comforter cover 66 x 86

Full/Queen Duvet/Comforter cover 86 x 86

King Duvet/Comforter cover 106 x 86

View our Organic Cotton Dust Mite Allergy Pillow Cover. Please contact us with any questions or to order over the phone.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash in WARM water with mild detergent with the zipper closed as needed.
Tumble dry at LOWEST setting.
Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean.


For a full refund – product must be returned in original packaging, UN USED, and in original condition as received within 60 days of receipt. Prior authorization is required. We will issue refund once manufacturer processes return.


1-year warranty

Toxins in your home

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Crib, Twin 9", Twin 12", Twin 15", Twin XL 9", Twin XL 12", Twin XL 15", Full 9", Full 12", Full 15", Queen 9", Queen 12", Queen 15", Queen 18", King 9", King 12", King 15", King 18", Cal King 9", Cal King 12", Cal King 15", Cal King 18", Twin Comforter Cover, Full Queen Comforter Cover, King Comforter Cover

2 reviews for Organic Cotton Dust Mite Mattress Cover

  1. 5 out of 5


    I find enormous comfort in using an organic cotton cover on my children’s beds. This product is easy to use, soft, and durable.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Lisa G.:

    I bought the twin zippered cover for my daughter’s bed because she suffers from allergies. A zippered mattress cover is a must for allergy suffers (and a good idea for the rest of us) but I didn’t want to buy a convention cotton cover because fungicides and pesticides are often used to produce cotton and she’s spending 8 hours of her day on this bed. I also didn’t want to go broke buying organic. This cover solved both my problems. The price is very good. It’s very well made. I washed it in super hot water and it held up just fine and didn’t shrink. Customer service was ridiculously nice as I had a ton of questions. I’m now going to buy this cover for the rest of my family.

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