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Personalized Private Coaching Sessions – 5 Sessions



Personalized Private CoachingValerie Bettencourt Parent Coach

Coaching sessions with Valerie Bettencourt CPC will help you understand exactly what is happening with your children (and yourself). Along with specific tools and solutions, Valerie will show you how to handle your specific challenges in a positive, constructive way so you will make profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships.

In combination with the online parenting course, the coaching calls will support you in changing what is isn’t working and provide a constructive approach to permanently  create the interaction you want with your children. Valerie will help you incorporate the tools and processes into your personal parenting to make them work best for you and your family.

Valerie will help you to break down and move through all of the obstacles and challenges you are facing each week and incorporate the tools into practice – so the positive shifts and changes you make are permanent.


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