Queen Mattress

Looking to Purchase an Organic Queen Mattress?

Organic doesn’t always mean non-toxic. Many organic mattresses actually contain toxins but how would you know?

You will find Healthy Child different from most other retailers.

With over 20 years of research – we know which materials need to be avoided and which ones are harmless. We’ve thoroughly examined the manufacturers of the organic queen mattresses we sell, and you’ll find reliable, truthful and transparent information about each mattress so you can make a clear, informed choice. No green-washing, no worries.

Call us if you need assistance in choosing your organic queen mattress. We love to help you find exactly what you want.

Have a read of our Guide to Choosing An Adult Organic Mattress and our post on Organic Mattress Facts: How to Know if it is Truly Non-Toxic.

Get the Lowest Prices Guaranteed, Exceptional Customer Service AND Support a Mom-Owned and Operated Small Business!


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